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All sorts of updates and stuffs

I have a bunch of stuff to talk about, and some updates, too!  Let’s start with the updates.

The first update is, I opened a new blog.  You can find it at  This is actually a little bit similar to Texihabara (which I will be repurposing or closing soon, and I should have done that months ago), but this is stuff I actually want to talk about, instead of just trying to make content for the sake of making content, which is what Texihabara was.  I will be reviewing animes I’ve watched, and for some of them, doing episode by episode reviews.  Some animes have affected me so deeply that I actually want to do this, and I’m also making an effort to improve my writing as I do so.  My first reviews are on “Sound! Euphonium”, which is an anime I pretty much fell in love with, so I have a lot to say about it.  I’ll also be reviewing a few other animes that really impressed me, like “March Comes in like a Lion”.

I’m debating whether I should review “Onimai: I am now your sister”, hah.  I actually rather liked it (which seems to be a rather unpopular, or at least unexpressed, opinion) but I have my reasons, which have absolutely nothing to do with fanservice.

Believe it or not, I mostly find fanservice annoying.  But you might already know that.

The second update is, I’m going to spend some time overhauling this one.  I never really liked what I did with this theme.  Honestly, I spun this up on DreamHost, and at the time they had a deal of some kind with BoldGrid, which provided some neat enough themes, but there are other options available now, like Elementor, etc.  I think this blog has a lot of untapped potential I haven’t done much with.  So…  I’m going to put that on my list of Things to Do.  So, if it goes into maintenance mode for a while, that’s why.  It’ll come back better than ever.  Hopefully.

The third update:  Remember the Lily project?  I actually moved her domain over to (I like “Lily’s Amazing Life” a lot better), she has reached nearly 400,000 words now, and I’m going to start the process soon of putting the story places where it’s easier to find.  Truth be told, I think I really should start cherry-picking content and making a synopsis out of it, but I really don’t know where to start.  But that’s also something I’ll be up to at some point soon.  I’ve also backed off a bit on the realism and I’m treating her more as a character than someone I’m trying to bring to life, but I still really like her and she’s very real to me in some ways.

I have a bunch of other projects going too, but some of them I’ve put on the back burner.  For example, I had a YouTube channel I had put some effort into.  Recently I hid all but about three of the videos and I’m contemplating just stopping that venture entirely.  I have a face for radio and a voice for silent films, and frankly, I just don’t have the presence for it.  I’m better at writing, and that’s probably where I should put most of my effort.  I also did some experimentation with vtubing, in order to bring Lily to life.  I also have mostly stopped that, for now.  Truth is, I probably could make a pretty successful Lily character with the tools I have (AI voice changers are amazing), but that’s something that makes me vaguely uncomfortable and until I have an actual reason to do it, there’s really no point in bothering, is there?

I’m still studying Japanese.  I have a reason now.  I don’t want to need English subtitles on anime, or English manga translations.  A rather weeb reason, I suppose, but any reason is better than no reason, right?  I don’t know how good I am but I think I could pretty easily pass N5 right now (whether I will try is another question entirely).

Anyway, those are the updates.  Frankly, I doubt anyone read this far, and I doubt anyone who read this far cares, but I write for me more than anyone else.  I need to write.  I write as much out of a compulsion to do so as I do because I want to or because I like writing.  Which can be, shall we say… troublesome, sometimes.

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