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November 2018

Kanji makes it easier?

One of the assignments given to us by sensei was to do a skit where we have to make up and memorize our lines.  I’m finding this very difficult and am rather annoyed by the whole idea. Okay, “rather annoyed” is something of an understatement.  I’m closer to “royally pissed” on the scale, I think. But it is what it is, and I have a partner I can’t let down, so here we go. Anyway, as I’m studying, I have found that one of the biggest obstacles to my memorization… Read More »Kanji makes it easier?

Throwing in the towel?

I just took my second Japanese test at ACC.  And while I think I did okay at it, I’m feeling very discouraged and I’m very close to giving the whole thing up. I am pretty good at remembering kanji, pronunciations, and grammar, but it all falls apart when I need to actually put together coherent sentences.  Perhaps I’m not getting enough practice, perhaps I’m just not good enough.  But I really feel as if I have about hit the limit of how well I’m going to do if I keep… Read More »Throwing in the towel?


So I’ve learned something very interesting about Japanese culture. Every day at around 6 AM, they put exercise music on the radio, and have a prescribed set of exercises everyone in the country does.  Sensei told us that children, even in the summer, go to the park and do the exercises, and get a sticker, which they can redeem at the beginning of school for a prize. So, naturally, sensei had the brilliant idea to have us do the exercises in class. I did not.  I stood up and halfheartedly… Read More »Rajiotaiso

To class or not to class, that is the question

I have decidedly, and solidly, mixed feelings about Japanese class. On the one hand, I have found it of some value.  I was finally able to get my hiragana and katakana very solid, which is something I was missing, I learned things like telling time, and I took away things that were definitely of value to me in my ongoing studies.  In that sense, I don’t really regret it. In another sense, though, I regret it very much.  I’m trying to take these classes while holding down a full time… Read More »To class or not to class, that is the question