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Bocchi the Jesus

Bocchi the Jesus

This is going to be a post about religion, but not a religious post.  If you like these kinds of things, read on.  If not, skip to the next.  I won’t be offended, these thoughts aren’t for everyone. (I posted originally “these thoughts aren’t for anyone”, which is probably true, but I changed it.) I posted earlier about how “Bocchi the Rock” changed my life. Specifically, the phrase “I refuse to let it end like this”.  In that post, I mentioned that I see that phrase as a kind of… Read More »Bocchi the Jesus

The Japanese Resources I Currently Use

My journey of learning Japanese has been finding new apps/resources/etc., using them, tossing them aside, and finding others…  ad nauseum.  So the ones I’ve found now are the ones that have stood the test of time (for the most part).  Each one is a “part of this complete breakfast”, but none of them is a silver bullet, and none of them will get you towards the goal of N1 or C3 or fluency or whatever. Also, these are the resources that work for me.  Don’t get mad if they don’t work for you. Wanikani… Read More »The Japanese Resources I Currently Use

You’re Better Off Dumb

Every now and then I post on this topic.  Both because it needs to be said, and because it’s a topic very close to my heart… for whatever reason. I’m very intelligent.  One of the most intelligent people you’ll meet.  Maybe the most, but there’s always someone smarter, or better, so that’s not at all guaranteed.  There are people smarter than I am.  Not many.  There are also people who are not smarter, but are much more skilled or have more domain knowledge on a particular topic.  People with higher… Read More »You’re Better Off Dumb

Impostor… Ish syndrome.

I once worked with a woman who had “impostor syndrome”, and she had it bad.  It paralyzed her.  I couldn’t, and don’t, really understand that – “fake it till you make it” really is a thing.  Sometimes you just have to power through and make it happen.  I think she had a very negative experience at my company, and it was as much her fault as anyone else’s. I had a piano lesson on Sunday. I don’t think I have “impostor syndrome” per se (amazing how many people misspell that, btw. … Read More »Impostor… Ish syndrome.

Lay up your treasures in heaven, not on YouTube.

I have a rather tumultuous relationship with God, and with the Bible.  But some things just seem so self-evident to me that I don’t even really argue with them.  They’re not just right, they seem right, too. In Matthew 6:19-21 (and I really hate quoting verse, but I’m going somewhere with this, I promise), Jesus says this: 19 â€œDo not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and… Read More »Lay up your treasures in heaven, not on YouTube.

Men of Culture… Aren’t.

In the anime fandom (or maybe slightly more accurately the hentai fandom, though I don’t think the lines are that clear), there is a phenomenon of people calling themselves “men of culture”.  Which, of course, refers to liking naked anime girls. I absolutely hate this. These “men of culture” can be called many things.  “cultured” isn’t one of them. Now, in some ways, “culture” is in the eye of the beholder, that’s true.  Personally, when I think of culture, I think of some of the fancier and more refined things. … Read More »Men of Culture… Aren’t.

What I Would Do Different in my Japanese Journey

What would I do differently in my Japanese journey? Maybe not try at all?  Well, maybe, but there’s more to it than that. When I first started Japanese, I didn’t really know why I was doing it.  I still am not entirely sure, but I think it kind of came down to being my way of dealing with some issues that I was going through at the time.  I think I learned Japanese for much the same reason I started the Lily project.  There was something about that world that attracted… Read More »What I Would Do Different in my Japanese Journey

What a Difference Thirty Years Makes

When I went to college, I used to carry a lot of stuff with me.  I took the bus…  and I would lug around a large filing box on wheels full of sheet music, a backpack that had all of my books and stuff in it, another box that had floppies and stuff…  I carried around a lot of stuff. This was thirty years ago. I realized today that probably the only thing I’d need to carry was a tablet, maybe a laptop if I needed to do something particularly intensive,… Read More »What a Difference Thirty Years Makes

Why I Don’t Like Stellar Blade

So, if you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard of a game called “Stellar Blade”.  As near as I can tell, it’s a game that has very little of interest to it that isn’t a female body in various states of undress or skimpy dress. That’s…  why I don’t like it. Cutting right to the chase, aren’t I? Okay, let me be clear.  It’s not out of any sense of morality.  The character, Eve, is beautiful, well drawn, well rendered, has lots of outfits apparently that show… Read More »Why I Don’t Like Stellar Blade

I Refuse to Let it End like This

Or… “How ‘Bocchi the Rock’ changed my life”. There’s a meme going around the net, or at least there had been a while ago when this anime first came out, that said “She’s just like me fr fr”. (fr is “for real”.) Gotoh Hitori (Bocchi) is not just like me.  Fr or in any other way. But there are similarities. I’ve had anxiety and some social anxiety all my life, and sometimes it’s been debilitating.  Not to the same degree as Bocchi (I’ve been able to integrate pretty well into society,… Read More »I Refuse to Let it End like This