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November 2021

Seeking a Voice

I have tried to write several posts over the past week, and have failed with each one  What I wanted to say wasn’t working. I also was listening to a few lectures by Leonard Nimoy.  He had some very interesting things to say about his acting career, and one that struck me was something he said about a role he played as a young man.  I don’t remember the role, but it was something that really resonated with him.  He said “It gave me a voice when I was struggling… Read More »Seeking a Voice

Japanese: a Failed Experiment – Part Deux

I attempted to write this post previously but it took on a tone I didn’t like, so I’m going to try to redo it.  Last time I talked about why I consider learning Japanese a personal failure.  Now I want to talk about why I don’t think it is. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I failed at Japanese.  But it did serve a very important purpose, and I may yet pursue it for other reasons or considerations. I remember when I first truly became interested in learning Japanese.  I don’t… Read More »Japanese: a Failed Experiment – Part Deux

Japanese: a Failed Experiment (But Not Entirely)

Ever since I began this blog, there have been a few ongoing themes.  The one that really permeated the entire blog was the following question:  Why am I bothering?  Over the last few years, it’s perhaps the most important question, and the one I had the most difficulty answering. I think I might have the answer.  And it ties together nearly all of the threads that have been weaving this blog from the very beginning.  So let me start. The first thread was:  why I started to learn Japanese.  Something… Read More »Japanese: a Failed Experiment (But Not Entirely)

The Utter Implosion of the Democratic Party

I want to write a post tonight, a semi-venty post, about American politics.  I don’t intend to write a “social justice” post, though politics and that topic are so intermixed right now, I won’t be able to entirely avoid the topic.  If you have no interest in US politics, or my thoughts on US politics, please feel free to move on if you so choose.  No hard feelings. A couple of days ago, there was a significant election in the United States.  For those of you who are international and… Read More »The Utter Implosion of the Democratic Party

Why this Blog was (Mostly) a Mistake

So, before I come to a conclusion on this blog and answer the question in the title, I need to put forth some background. I announced earlier a project I’ve been doing called “Lovely Lily Lives”, or just Lily for short.  I’ve been writing her for around four months now, and to be quite honest, I don’t know if I could write any other character at the moment.  She is exactly the right character for me to be writing at the moment.   This is because she is giving me as… Read More »Why this Blog was (Mostly) a Mistake