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September 2021


A long time ago, there used to be an animated series on TV called “Daria”.  I remember when I first saw it, near when it first came out.  I couldn’t watch it.  I even got a little sick after watching it.  Maybe I was coming down with something, but maybe not.  I dunno.  It really kind of impacted me. The main character is a sixteen year old girl named Daria Morgendorffer.  She’s sardonic, sarcastic, seemingly emotionless, pretty much hates everyone, and never seems to be happy.  I get the impression… Read More »Daria


I find myself in the unusual position of not knowing what to write about. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I can find plenty of things to write about, on one level.  I have several topics that I could write on.  In fact, I just discarded a post that I thought might be a bit too…  revealing?  I dunno.  But on another level, why bother writing about any of them?  It’s not like I’m doing anything but splattering words randomly over a post, thinking that maybe someone might find them interesting,… Read More »Interstitial


There is a specific genre of Sci-Fi I’ve always liked. I’ve never really liked the fantasy type where fair knights wander around on knightly errantry.  I’ve never really liked the type where someone is trying to make a social point or extrapolate the future – though those types are really impactful in their own way. When I was younger, I used to be a fan of Star Trek, The Next Generation.  I think I was around twelve or so.  It would be on every week and I loved it.  But the… Read More »Underneath

The Breast Post Ever

So WordPress tells me I’m on a 28 day streak of posting to this blog.  Yay me.  I don’t think I’m going to break that streak today.  But there’s nothing that’s really pressing on my mind.  So I thought this time I’d make a mindless post. I’m going to post about breasts.  Why not? Oh, don’t be that way.  I’m not going to go all misogynistic or whatever.  But I’m a male, and I happen to like them.  But I’ll be nice, and make it a general interest post. Women… Read More »The Breast Post Ever

To Fix the World

This is going to be one of those posts that I’m going to look back on, and think “that was a pretty good post”.  And then I’m going to regret it utterly. Today, I had a bad experience at work.  My team has just been merged with another team, and both of our different teams have different skills to add to the mix.  One of the people on the “other” team we’ve been merged with was giving a code review, and I gave a lot of helpful suggestions.  Or I… Read More »To Fix the World

What I Musically Love about Japanese Music

I may be able to extract a post for Texihabara on this subject from this, but I kind of want to be a little freer here. There is something about Japanese music that fascinates me.  Well, several things, really. Babymetal has a song, “Da da dance”.  It’s an extraordinarily high energy song with lots of flaily dancing and mostly meaningless words.  Basically somewhere in the techno genre – I’m sure nerds out there will have a better name for it.  EDM?  But there’s this part in there that really fascinates me… Read More »What I Musically Love about Japanese Music

More Bloggy Blogging Bloggery

Today, I had an appointment I’ve been putting off for quite a long time.  A couple of years ago, I went to see a dentist, and we had some plans for work that needed to be done.  Then I needed to raise the money.  Then COVID hit.  Then I was dealing with crippling anxiety.  Well, I finally managed to do it, and, well, I get to keep most of my teeth.  Yay me?? That was actually a worry of mine, so, for now, at least, woohoo.  We’ll deal with the… Read More »More Bloggy Blogging Bloggery

Otaku Introspection

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, lately.  Big news, right?  I mean, I never do that!  Usually I just careen…  ah well.  Sarcasm is lost in this medium. Anyway, I’ve been thinking.  I sure do care far too much about how I’m perceived in some ways, don’t I?  And mostly, even how I’m perceived by myself. So look at what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve been learning and studying Japanese.  I’ve opened two blogs about Japan and Japanese, and one of them is specifically oriented towards otaku (though it has barely… Read More »Otaku Introspection

Introducing… Hidden Japanese!!

I’ve been busy!!! So, as I was looking back on some of my earlier posts, I had made a few observations of discoveries I’d made about Japanese, but they got lost in the noise of my emo angst and whining.  So I decided that it would make sense to make a new site with only observations like those.  No blog, no whining, just information. You can find it at What this site is, is a clearinghouse with short pages of information on concepts and words that I think will make… Read More »Introducing… Hidden Japanese!!

My Experience Commissioning an Custom Anime Figure

So as y’all may know, I’m currently working on another site called Texihabara.  It’s kinda lame right now, but I’m actually really pleased with the framework I’ve built, I think I can add to it to make it something special.  I just have to figure out what “special” means. However, I decided it needed a mascot.  So, after a google search, I went to Etsy and found an anime artist (I will not name him on this site, but you can find a link to him on Texihabara’s legal page here if… Read More »My Experience Commissioning an Custom Anime Figure