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April 2024

Reproductive Roles Matter

I’ve been thinking about how I want to approach this topic for a while. Let’s be honest, there be dragons.  People tend to have very strong opinions on this matter and are usually very quick to, well, share them.  Vociferously, loudly, and ignorantly. But I’m going to say what I want anyway, because that’s what this blog is for. If I had to say what I think is maybe the most dangerous trend in society over the past century, it would take me a bit to choose one, but I… Read More »Reproductive Roles Matter

My Composition Setup

Today I’m going to pull back the curtain, just a bit, on my “personal life”, and show you the setup I use for composing.  I’ll explain how everything’s set up and routed too… On the left is a maybe ten year old Roland RD-700NX stage piano.  I have a (nearly eight year old now) Korg Kronos in another room, and I’m debating swapping them around.  The Kronos is better featured for this, but the Roland will do for now.  It is tied into that small mixing panel on the right. … Read More »My Composition Setup

Why Fox News Commenters are Idiots: Part 2

There is a certain kind of person who is impossible to talk to or reason with.  These people tend to be very religious, though the type of religion they can be an adherent to can be secular.  They see the world in utter black and white, and to them, there are no shades of grey whatsoever. You can see these people on both sides of the abortion “debate”, for example.  On the one extreme, you have people who believe that fetuses are children who haven’t been born yet, and as… Read More »Why Fox News Commenters are Idiots: Part 2

Israel: A Country of Unresolved Trauma

There’s a lot going on in the middle east right now, and a lot of strong feelings on a lot of topics.  So first, let me tell you what I will not do in this post. I will not defend Hamas.  Their actions are beyond the pale, and they (to some level) deserve everything they get – mostly because they’d do it again if given half a chance.  They’re unrepentant, and unrepentant needs to be squashed. I will not defend the protestors.  They also deserve everything they get. I will… Read More »Israel: A Country of Unresolved Trauma

Clannad: Being Seen

When I was a child, I had a lot of dreams, one of which actually, in a sense, eventually came true.  I wanted to be a scientist. I didn’t know what it meant to be a scientist, and that deck was stacked against me from the beginning, but I wanted to be a scientist.  As it turns out in my kid-maybe-or-maybe-not-on-the-spectrum mind, what I really wanted was to collect stuff, but I did want to be a scientist.  I wanted to be a scientist because I could collect knowledge. Isn’t that… Read More »Clannad: Being Seen

Fox News Commenters are Idiots

Those of you who have hung around here for a while (which I think is exactly one of you) know that I lean right.  I have absolutely no respect for wokism or any of that tripe.  I’m not a Republican, though, and I’m about to tell you why. This is a post where I, sort of, eat my own. Fox news comments are fascinating to watch, because they’re utterly useless half the time.  About 95% of the comments fit these tropes: Life was so much better when I was a… Read More »Fox News Commenters are Idiots


I really don’t know how this post is going to end.  But at the least, I know how it’s going to start. I had heard of Clannad, but I was avoiding watching it, because something about the title made me think that it was an isekai or something set in medieval times, and I’m really not too keen on those kinds of anime.  But then I found out it’s nothing like that, and I watched it.  Or some of it.  I put it on hold after fifteen episodes because I have… Read More »Clannad

Taking Lessons Again

I restarted Japanese lessons this week. Maybe that was a mistake, but at least they’re not that expensive. Due to a minor fortunate circumstance, I was able to pay off all my loans, thereby freeing up quite a bit of money every month to use for, well, stuff you’d spend money on.  I decided to spend it on education, because, let’s be frank, education is the one thing that can’t be taken away. Well, I spent it on that, and a kotatsu. Those seem great.  But we’ll see if that… Read More »Taking Lessons Again


I have quite a few domains.  Until recently, they were hosted on Google Domains, which I was happy with.  Today, I moved all of them to Dreamhost, which is the service on which I host this site. I moved them because apparently Squarespace, against my wishes and will, took over management of my domains and decided they were going to host them.  I guess they bought them from google or something. No, they’re not going to host my domains. I don’t have anything conceptually against Squarespace.  In that, while they’re pretty… Read More »Squarespace


I order a lot of stuff from Japan. It’s mostly manga at the moment, but sometimes a few other things as well.  They have a lot of products that I want (and quite a few I don’t, but you can’t win ’em all). Today a manga arrived from Japan.  As I pulled it out of the mailbox, I noticed the Japanese name and address in the “sender” field, the customs declaration, and then my name and address in the “recipient” field. I wonder if the person who is taping the… Read More »Exotic