There is a tree near my apartment that, until recently, has been host to hundreds of birds in the evenings.  There are two species, the great-tailed grackle and another smaller species that I haven’t identified.  Some white-winged doves also hang out there, chilling with the grackles. The birds seem to

I admit it.  I play a waifu game. These are a form of “gacha” games – of which “Raid: Shadow Legends” is perhaps one of the more artificially famous varieties.  Except the characters are all very beautiful women, most of whom have very large breasts.  I mean, very large breasts.  One

As a child, the world was magic. When you’re a child, you don’t know how anything works, and generally, even if someone explained it to you, you wouldn’t really understand. I remember a few things as a child.  I remember in first grade they played a video of two alien