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July 2022

Playing to My Talents

So here’s something I bet you didn’t know:  the concept of a “talent” is actually a biblical concept.  Specifically, in the times of Jesus, a talent was a large block of silver, maybe 80 lbs or so.  They were very, very valuable.  Today, it would be just over $4,000.  The concept of a talent being related to a skill actually comes from a parable attributed to Jesus, where he seemed to have been saying something to the effect of “if you’re given a seed, make it grow”. So, with that… Read More »Playing to My Talents

On Writing Lily

So I’ve mentioned before my project that I call the “Lily Project”, over at  It is a work of serial fiction, about a sixteen year old girl who has lost her memories and is trying to make her way in the world with that significant handicap – or is it a blessing?  It’s told from her perspective, as if she’s writing a diary.  I’ve been writing her for over a year now, with nearly daily entries, and quite honestly, it’s the one thing I’ve been able to stick with… Read More »On Writing Lily

Shut Up and Dance

If there’s one thing I’m sick of right now, it’s celebrities thinking they have anything useful to say on any political topic.  They don’t.  By and large, their opinions are uninformed, ignorant, and even stupid.  They gained an audience or fanbase by doing whatever art they do (and maybe even competently) and then try to mobilize that base for whatever asinine political idea they get in their head. Celebrities, and particularly celebrities of the artist kind, should just shut up and dance, or sing, or whatever they do. Recently, an… Read More »Shut Up and Dance

Abe Shinzo: Why Gun Control Fails

Today (or yesterday, depending), Abe Shinzo was assassinated.  Abe Shinzo, for those who don’t know, was a fairly beloved prime minister of Japan for quite a long time.  To be honest, that, apart from his name, is the only thing I know about him, so I’ll leave memorialization and mourning for those who knew him better.  All murders are awful, of course, but I don’t virtue signal by mourning when I’m not at all affected. But for me, it is interesting to note that the person who committed the act made… Read More »Abe Shinzo: Why Gun Control Fails

The Ignorance of Leftists

And I really do think it’s deliberate. I’m going to be talking about some rather (comparatively) deep topics regarding the United States, what it is, and how the constitution works.  If you’re not interested, please skip.  If you are, read on, you might find it interesting.  Unless you’re a leftist.  Then you’ll probably put your fingers in your ears and yell “LALALALA” There was a time when basic civics was a required topic in school.  Yeah, it had a bunch of stupid things in it, like reciting the Pledge of… Read More »The Ignorance of Leftists