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Project News

I think now would be a good time to talk about all of the different projects I’m doing, Japanese or no, and their status. First off, Texihabara.  I believe I will be converting that to an entirely Japanese language site.  I haven’t quite figured out what the topic might be – I might convert the existing content to Japanese, I might take it in another direction entirely.  But it’s clear that the direction I was trying to take doesn’t work. Now, as for Hidden Japanese, it is serving the purpose I… Read More »Project News

My Experience Commissioning an Custom Anime Figure

So as y’all may know, I’m currently working on another site called Texihabara.  It’s kinda lame right now, but I’m actually really pleased with the framework I’ve built, I think I can add to it to make it something special.  I just have to figure out what “special” means. However, I decided it needed a mascot.  So, after a google search, I went to Etsy and found an anime artist (I will not name him on this site, but you can find a link to him on Texihabara’s legal page here if… Read More »My Experience Commissioning an Custom Anime Figure