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October 2021

Introducing Lily, and Reconnection

I have decided, to hell with it, and I am going to tell you where to find my latest project, because it’s kind of important.  So you can find it at My project is a virtual character named Lily.  She is a sixteen year old girl who has no memory past a year ago, or so.  I deliberately created her to be about as opposite of me as she could be, and damn it, I kinda succeeded at that.  Right now she is just a diary, but I have… Read More »Introducing Lily, and Reconnection


I haven’t posted here for a while.  I tried once, and I just couldn’t.  So instead, I’ll just post a bit of an update on how I’m doing, for those who might care, and we’ll just go from there. I’ve had some tooth problems for quite a while, since before COVID.  Truth is, I hate the dentist.  I have a strong gag reflex (one of the primary reasons I consider it fortunate I am straight, har har) and every time I have to get any significant work done at the… Read More »Reconfiguration

Why Science Fiction Sucks

I have written previously about why I like science fiction.  Now let me tell you why it sucks.  And how that relates to our current political situation. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction.  I enjoy thinking about speculative technology, and like nothing more than learning about a new and heretofore unknown physical principle that makes interesting, unexpected things possible.  And science fiction certainly delivers on that!  So that’s something I’ve always really liked about sci-fi. But I’ve been reading a book called “Adventures in Time and Space”.  It’s… Read More »Why Science Fiction Sucks