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Why Christians Annoy the Snot out of me

Earlier, I wrote a post about why I won’t debate with atheists.  Read the post if you want to know why, or don’t.  I stand by it.

But recently, I’ve begun to feel the same way about talking to Christians about theology.

A few days ago, I had an interaction with some Christians.  Let me be clear – I’d never met them before.  In actuality, they knew absolutely nothing about me except that I don’t like most Christian worship music and that it’s one reason I don’t go to church.  I even made clear that it was not the main reason, but one reason.

From that, several Christians decided I wasn’t Christian enough.

So here’s the thing about Christians that drives me up the wall.  For some reason, Christians have this idea in their head that when they tell you something, it’s Biblical correction and you are to listen to them.

What gave them that right?

What gave these kinds of Christians the right to figuratively walk up to someone they don’t know, and demand that the person listen to their correction, and change their entire life under the threat of hellfire, just because they said so?

They haven’t earned that!  Just like the atheists who demand that I debate them haven’t earned the right to demand that of me!

You know what I tell Christians who demand to know why I don’t go to church and then tell me how wrong I am for not going to church?

I tell them “You’re why.”

And then I cut them out of my life.


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