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The Breast Post Ever

So WordPress tells me I’m on a 28 day streak of posting to this blog.  Yay me.  I don’t think I’m going to break that streak today.  But there’s nothing that’s really pressing on my mind.  So I thought this time I’d make a mindless post.

I’m going to post about breasts.  Why not?

Oh, don’t be that way.  I’m not going to go all misogynistic or whatever.  But I’m a male, and I happen to like them.  But I’ll be nice, and make it a general interest post.

Women seem to have a question when it comes to breasts. By and large, many of them seem to agree that there are certain qualities about breasts that people who like breasts might like.  There’s some breast envy – some want theirs to be bigger.  They might be unevenly sized.  They might be shaped a little oddly.  Japanese women, in general, seem to be a little self-conscious about their size.  But the question I see the most is this:  “What’s the big deal about them?  They’re just bags of fat.”

And, I suppose if you’re a woman, you might actually see them as just inconvenient bags of fat.  I’m not a woman, of course, but I suppose I could see this point of view.  You gotta wear specialized clothing to keep ’em from flopping around.  They kinda get in the way sometimes.  If they’re too big, they can cause you back problems – just these massive blobs of flesh putting strain on your spine.  And running with them without getting smacked in the face?  I get it, I really do.  I should be glad I don’t have ’em.

But what’s the big deal about them?

Seriously, here’s the answer:  what’s the big deal about food?

I mean, really.  It’s just a bunch of chemicals mixed together in a specific way to give you energy or nutrition.  You could get pretty much exactly the same energy or nutrition from raw seaweed, but many women prefer sweet things or tasty things.  And why not?  If you’re hungry, you’re hungry, and eating is part of the experience.

Breasts are part of the experience.  And we are just as hungry for them.

It really is just a hunger.  Can we get by without breasts?  Of course we can.  I, personally, haven’t touched one in quite a few years, and while it would be nice, I’m getting along just fine.  But if a breast buffet were to appear in front of me?  Of course I’d want to partake!  It’s just like if I were to put a bunch of chocolate in front of you!  Is there any reason for you to like chocolate other than it tastes good and gives you pleasure?  Not really.  Is there any reason that you will go right for chocolate (most of the time) if it’s available?  Not really.  But you still love chocolate!

And that, my lady friends, is the big deal.  They give us pleasure and make us happy.  And do we really need another reason?

Now, of course, there’s lots of other stuff attached to the whole concept, I mean, every pair of breasts comes with a woman, right?  And that’s important.  But that’s a separate consideration.

If this doesn’t answer your question, just eat a bite of chocolate, and think about it.

No photos attached.  This ain’t that kinda blog.

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