In my continuing quest to make a comprehensive website of JPop reviews that no one wants to visit, I spent a little time last night reviewing a few more Morning Musume songs. I reviewed Memory Seishun no Hikari, Manatsu no Kousen, and Furusato.

So the honest truth is, I have mixed feelings about Morning Musume’s early work. It feels like they were trying to find their way, and only sort of succeeding. The lyrics were definitely aimed towards young women, but they mostly seemed to be a story arc about falling in love with an older man and breaking up with him. Heartbreaking in its own way, but nothing spectacular. I didn’t really rate most of them that high.

Until I got to Furusato.

Furusato is a song about going home.

The lyrics, I think, have to do with a young woman who fell in love, got dumped, and went back to her hometown to be comforted by her mother.

And I gotta admit, this one hit me right smack in the feels. Damn onion ninjas.

The song itself was, well, JPop. It’s not until their next single, Love Machine, where they really start to come into their popularity. But the video imagery was so… Japanese. This wasn’t like their earlier songs, where they added in a guy rapping in English, or girls standing in a field lipsyncing, or even driving in Hawaii (the steering wheel was on the wrong side, so I’m guessing it was Hawaii). No, this one was pure Japanese. They really did it well, getting the vibe of coming home after being away and looking for some comfort (well, Japanese style, which apparently means being scolded) after the world deals you a crushing blow.

Living alone in Tokyo
Mom’s kindness permeated my heart
Because I was alone in Tokyo
I was able to fall in love with him

It was an unrequited love, is it okay if I cry?
Next vacation, I’m gonna go back home for a bit

Even if my tears don’t stop
Scold me like you used to, Mom
My tears might not stop
I’m sorry I’m such a selfish daughter, Mother

Furusato, Morning Musume

This is why I keep doing it.

Most JPop kinda sucks. But occasionally I find this gem that makes it kind of all worth it. I don’t love this for the music, or even so much the words, but I love it because it’s beautiful.

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