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Our Sociopath with Dementia for a President

I feel like I need to post something tonight. Not because I have an expectation on myself that I should post every night, but just that I feel like I have a post in me that wants to come out. I tried writing one earlier, but that one is, again, probably best left between me and my therapist.

Last night I was at a Walgreens. I won’t say where, except to say what you already know – somewhere in Central Texas. It was pretty busy for some reason. The drive thru was backed up more than four cars deep, so I decided to walk in. They hadn’t finished my prescription, so I did my best given the scant space available to stay out of everyone’s way while they finished it. Several people were sitting in chairs to the side just after getting their vaccines – after getting a vaccine, you’re required to sit there for fifteen minutes in case you have an averse reaction. So it was pretty crowded.

A man was standing in line, and telling everyone who would listen about how he believed in God, how vaccines were of the devil, and everyone else can follow the devil and he was going to follow God.

Yes, my foreign friends, there are people like this in the US. I can’t deny it. I ran into one.

Of course, I considered this entirely inappropriate. You have every right to hold that opinion, of course, but in a Walgreens where there are people sitting there who just had the shot is one of the most inappropriate things I’ve seen in quite a while.

So today there was nothing but bad news. Apparently we’ve botched the Afghanistan pullout so badly that even the liberals think Biden has a screw loose, and there are thousands of people over there who are going to die, or worse, because of our bumbling.

It’s almost too much.

I don’t really feel like doing anything tonight. I have blogs to write, and projects to work on, and this and that, and all I want to do is lay in bed with my neck massager and beat up a sudoku. On the plus side, turns out I’m pretty good at sudoku, even in expert mode.

I’m angry right now. I’m angry at stupid people. I’m angry at people who think that condemning innocent people to die just to prove a political point, and then making jokes about it at press conferences, is somehow appropriate. I’m angry at the people who defend this. I’m angry at the people who aren’t just satisfied with making choices for their own health, but are trying to tell other people what’s best for them. It’s just getting worse and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better – people are getting more and more stupid and there’s just nothing to be done for it.

There’s no worse choice for president than a sociopath with dementia. Well, other than the Vice President, who has the competence of a sack of potatoes with a more annoying laugh.

I guess it’ll all work itself out, somehow. Or it won’t. I’ve lost all faith and most hope. The inmates are ruling the asylum, and we’re just along for the ride.

I need a distraction.

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