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The Importance of Speaking

In the next day or so I am planning a post about my cat. So do rest assured that I am not yanking this blog over to one that talks exclusively about social justice and woke idiot topics. I have a few things I have to do first, but after that, I even plan on going back to (gasp) some Japanese topics. Nonetheless, some things must be said, and this is as good a forum as any to say them.

I am aware that WordPress could censor me. The domain is purchased elsewhere (that is a weakness I may have to deal with soon) but I possess both the skills and the ability to self-host this domain. In fact, the WordPress platform, when self-hosted, would be much more customizable and I’ve been considering doing that for other reasons. Quite frankly, it is only WordPress hosted out of convenience. If this blog goes away, it will be back.

Now, all that said, why am I speaking out on something that is so potentially risky?

The simple answer is, because someone has to.

I am more careful than it appears about what I speak out on. I try to keep my criticisms specifically aimed at the idiot cultural Marxist liberals who would be most upset about what I have to say, and keep them specifically away from those who might actually have some legitimate beefs that are being hijacked by the idiot liberals. As I mentioned in my last post, there is of course racism – that’s not in doubt and that’s not the issue. The issue is that I am being told what to think, and am being indirectly and implicitly threatened if I choose not to buy what they’re selling.

But that’s the thing – “if I choose”. It is a choice. I get to choose not to buy what they’re selling, and I get to choose to say that I’m not buying what they’re selling, and I get to choose to bear any consequences that idiots might want to dish out for stating that fact. This is a really important mindset, folks: Everything is a choice, and there is absolutely no such thing as there being no choice. Even if someone were to come up to me and put a “pew pew” to my head, and say “your money or your life”, that is still a choice. And it’s a perfectly valid choice. My money, or my life. Which do I value more? I’m being “offered” that choice, and I get to make it.

Obviously, as with the above example, the choice that you’re being offered is not necessarily between two good things. One might be worse than the other, but the choices are still bad.

So here’s the choice the Woke Idiots are offering me: Don’t speak up and get along ok in the world, at the cost of my self-worth and my self-respect, or speak up and suffer the small but not nonexistent possibility of consequences that range from censorship to much worse. It’s a choice I get to make. Suffering consequences is not guaranteed (and the outcome may even be good, depending on who reads this and who is in my corner, see Karlyn Borysenko and Candace Owens) but it’s a real possibility. BTW, I don’t listen to either of them, as much as I may agree with them their participation in the culture wars is particularly grating, but I’m glad they’re talking.

I choose my self respect.

It is far more important to me to be able took at myself in the mirror than to not have people who could make my life difficult angry with me.

That is why I haven’t, and why I won’t, shut up. The choice has been offered, the choice has been made, and it really doesn’t matter at this point which consequences are to be brought to bear. I’ve already decided, and it is not a decision that can be easily taken back, without hating myself quite a bit more than I already do. I’ve chosen to speak, and I’ve chosen to accept whatever consequences there may be (though I hope they are either none or positive), and that as unwavering a decision as I am capable of. Could I break in the future? I dunno. Maybe, I guess. Everyone has their breaking point. But I just can’t imagine staying quiet anymore. It’s not worth it.

I choose to speak. I hope you choose to speak as well. Even if you disagree with me.

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