Post in Japanese #1

Hi all.  I am going to try to write a weekly post in Japanese, mostly to address the issue in “Crisis of Confidence“, which I wrote about earlier.  It will have a lot of mistakes and I will need to look a lot of things up.  Feel free to correct.  The point is just to do it no matter what.  Honestly, it will probably take me a long time to write this, as I refuse to use Google Translate except to check that my work is halfways intelligible… 🙂




Just for humor’s sake, this is what I first came up with before I used google translate to correct my *worst* errors…  I guess I learned something through the process, though.  The English translation is hilarious.

Hello. . I am a Japanese student. It’s embarrassing, is not it. I went to the shop yesterday. It is chewy with chicken or meat. I will hang a hamburger tonight. I bask in bamboo, lettuce, tomato and fluffy bread. It is very tasty. Different books are difficult. I am a scholar for an hour or Japanese.

okay…  think that’s all for this week.  I have so much to learn…

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