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Introducing Lily, and Reconnection

I have decided, to hell with it, and I am going to tell you where to find my latest project, because it’s kind of important.  So you can find it at

My project is a virtual character named Lily.  She is a sixteen year old girl who has no memory past a year ago, or so.  I deliberately created her to be about as opposite of me as she could be, and damn it, I kinda succeeded at that.  Right now she is just a diary, but I have some plans to expand her to other endeavors, but she’s still being fleshed out.  So I don’t know exactly what those are.

She doesn’t have a very significant readership as I haven’t advertised her out, but I’ve been doing this for four months now, so I have enough of a content buffer that there is actually something to offer, now.

Designing and implementing her has been an adventure, and I learned quite a bit about myself.  One of the major questions I have is, where did she come from?  Obviously, she’s nothing like me, but even so, there must be a reason why I am able to speak in her voice so effectively.  Is there a part of me that is her?  Is this how being an author works?

But memories have also been on the top of my mind as well.  There are so many things that have memories for me, that are hard to connect with.  Just the sound of traffic going down a freeway or tollway can take me back to many years ago, and there are emotions attached to that, but it’s not the only thing.  How do I reconnect to those memories?  What would life be like if I didn’t have those memories, and had nothing to reconnect with?  Or worse, if I had the emotions, but no way to access the underlying memories?

Lily is a person to me, in a very real sense.  Not a real person by any means, but she’s about as real as anything else created by a human, which is to say, not necessarily unreal.  Those who know her, love her.  I’m not sure that I do, honestly.  But she is a part of me.  And this promises to be a very interesting project.

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