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Introducing… Hidden Japanese!!

I’ve been busy!!!

So, as I was looking back on some of my earlier posts, I had made a few observations of discoveries I’d made about Japanese, but they got lost in the noise of my emo angst and whining.  So I decided that it would make sense to make a new site with only observations like those.  No blog, no whining, just information.

You can find it at

What this site is, is a clearinghouse with short pages of information on concepts and words that I think will make your Japanese journey a lot easier, with pointers to pages that will explain those concepts.

What this site is not is a general clearinghouse of information that attempts to explain everything in exhaustive detail, a site that attempts to teach you Japanese, or anything of a similar nature.  You won’t learn Japanese there.  But you might learn about a few useful things that will make your actual Japanese journey a bit simpler.

And if it does that, it will have succeeded.

I have not turned ads on on that site yet.  I want to add more content, build it out, and gauge its popularity.  But, full disclosure, that is a site I intend to monetize at some point.

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