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Today’s Japanese Book Haul

Today I went to Half Price Books again. There wasn’t much manga, but there were a few interesting books 8 picked up.

First up was another dictionary.

I didn’t know Takahashi Minami wrote dictionaries, but hey.

This book was pretty cool.

I like this book. It has a very nice cover, and I like reading about Shinto.

This book is quite interesting, it’s an English language book about Japanese social issues. Seems really useful.

The only manga they had. Volume 13. Wonder if I’ll like it enough to find the other volumes.

This one was the most expensive and I have no idea why. Maybe lots of over 40 year Olds trying to fix their eyesight?

This is the one I’m most interested in reading. I’m always curious about Japan’s relationship with the United States. To be honest, it seems almost dysfunctional sometimes. The more you know.

There were two more but they’re boring so I won’t post them. The bookstore had lots of bunko but I didn’t buy them- spent too much already, to be honest. Everything has been put in my Japanese bookcase. Or on. So more stuff to read when I get time!

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