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Japanese Books I Bought Today

So today I went to Half Price Books, and I bought some Japanese language books.  Let’s take a look at what I found. I spent less than $100 on everything you see.

First, I found some dictionaries.

I like dictionaries. I’m not sure why, as I can find everything I need online, but these are in good condition, so I thought why not add them to my collection. It’s also why I didn’t feel too badly snarling them – the online dictionaries are available to everyone else too, so it’s not like I’m keeping the info from folks.

Let’s move on to an interesting educational tool I found:

This looks like a tool for third to fifth graders to learn fractions. It appears to be pretty close to brand new. I love the way the fraction disks are tactile – I would have loved these as a child.

I also found some manga.

Quite honestly, though I collect manga, I’m not sure what these are yet. If you want to tell me, feel free. Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll find out soon. Five more books for my collection!

This book was inexplicable:

I haven’t the slightest idea what it is yet. But I love a good mystery. It just seems to be calligraphic art.

This last book I didn’t buy because of the content.

Sometimes you find a treasure you’re not expecting. The owner of this book seems to have gifted it to someone else, and left them a heartfelt message. It’d actually very sad. This person poured their heart out. I don’t know how it was received, obviously, but I love things with a story. I hope it turned out well for everyone involved.

Anyway, that’s my book adventure for the day. I have many more Japanese books than this. Maybe I’ll post about them when I get a chance.

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