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A new Kinokuniya just opened in Austin.  I discovered it by accident, as it is right next door to Kura Sushi, which is one of my favorite places to eat sushi.

As I walked in, two thoughts filled my head.  “Holy crap, I just found the mother lode” was one.  The other was “There goes my budget”.

They have Japanese language magazines.  They have Japanese language books.  They have Japanese language manga.  They have books on how to learn Japanese.  They have plushes, they have stationery, they have novelties, they have almost everything Japanese that you could possibly want (though other stores in Austin do have a better selection within their niches – Anime Pop has more anime stuff, Fit Japanese has more housewares, and Asahi has groceries).

Heck, they even have a $400 pusheen that’s about half as big as I am!

I will be back there.  And back there.  And back there.  And did I mention I will be going back there?

It is at the junction of Airport and Lamar, right next door to the Kura Sushi.

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