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The Assault of Memories

I have a very good memory. Too good, in fact. Every minute of every day I am assaulted by memories. Some are good, some are bad, some are embarrassing, and some are traumatic. Some are just dreams of a world that should be and isn’t. But I can’t shut then off, and they don’t fail to affect me. The good memories are maybe the most traumatic, paradoxically, because they are things that are gone and may never come back. It seems as I age, there is a kind of plaque… Read More »The Assault of Memories

Wow wow wow seishun

Wow, wow wow youth, there are so many types. When two or three get together, it’s noisy, noisy Morning Musume, Joshi kashimashi monogatari These past couple of weeks have been a time of deep reflection for me. As the time of my youth slips away, I’m forced to look back at many things in my life from a different lens. The truth is, I never really got a childhood. And I never really got to be young. I was always old beyond my years, and by the time I realized… Read More »Wow wow wow seishun