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An Intolerable Situation

I don’t have a title for this blog yet.  So I’m going to write it and then title it as the last thing I do before posting.  If I can remember. I mentioned in my last post that this whole war situation is particularly stressful for me.  It is difficult because I was programmed as a child to fear exactly this kind of war.  And it is astonishing to watch such a war play out in real time, in a world where it’s very difficult to keep images from the… Read More »An Intolerable Situation

Gimme Chocolate

The year is 1945.  Japan has been ravaged as a nation, and many of its larger cities have been bombed into an unrecognizable mess.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s core business districts are flattened wastelands of radioactive rubble, and hundreds of thousand of Japanese citizens have been killed.  Most of those citizens had nothing whatsoever to do with the war.  They were just living their live, and some politician somewhere decided they were going to go to war with the United States, as well as committing atrocities all over the pacific rim.… Read More »Gimme Chocolate