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Out of my Comfort Zone

I have begun a new project. I am debating telling y’all where to find it, because I am deliberately keeping my identity as separate from it as possible. So for right now, I will describe it, but not directly point you to it. In practice, it would be hard to connect me to it because it’s hard to connect me to this, bit it’s the principle of the thing. I am becoming a vtuber. My character is a teenage girl who has lost all of her memory and is now… Read More »Out of my Comfort Zone

Vtubers confuse me

So lately, I’ve found a subset of Japanese culture called vtubers. This really wasn’t voluntary, and they confuse the snot out of me. As near as I can tell, they are different anime-like characters that are voiced and acted by real people, they have different personalities, and they stream. Like, a lot. And people seem to like them. A lot. Now, let’s be clear: I understand this, a little bit. My favorite vtuber at the moment (and I hope I don’t watch enough of it to change my opinion, frankly)… Read More »Vtubers confuse me