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Our Sociopath with Dementia for a President

I feel like I need to post something tonight. Not because I have an expectation on myself that I should post every night, but just that I feel like I have a post in me that wants to come out. I tried writing one earlier, but that one is, again, probably best left between me and my therapist. Last night I was at a Walgreens. I won’t say where, except to say what you already know – somewhere in Central Texas. It was pretty busy for some reason. The drive… Read More »Our Sociopath with Dementia for a President


I am now going to, quite deliberately, touch a third rail. In my country, there are quite a few people who have taken one of the three available vaccines (and they are not the same vaccines that may be available in your country). We have available the Pfizer, the Moderna, and the Johnson & Johnson. They have been approved under an “emergency authorization” by the FDA. This means they don’t have full approval and it can be rescinded at any time, but it has been judged by the FDA to… Read More »Vaccines

The Crisis is Over. Now What?

This last year has been terrible in many ways. Quite honestly, I never expected to live through anything like that. And I never expected to survive it. The truly terrible thing about the Cov-SARS-2 virus (hereafter known as COVID or the coronavirus) is not that it is deadly or causes severe sickness in some situations. That’s regrettable, but it’s manageable. We know how to deal with that. The problem is that, by its very nature, it strikes right at the social meat of the world. Almost overnight, people became afraid… Read More »The Crisis is Over. Now What?


Today I got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I had to drive about an hour to get it, as the distribution in my country is still a bit scattershot. They’re getting it to everyone, but the distribution network seems hit or miss – some places get some doses, some don’t, etc., etc. Not really germane, but might be interesting to some of you. I have personally been looking forward to this for a while. While I am not at the absolute highest “you get it, you die”, risk… Read More »Vaccines