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United States

The Ignorance of Leftists

And I really do think it’s deliberate. I’m going to be talking about some rather (comparatively) deep topics regarding the United States, what it is, and how the constitution works.  If you’re not interested, please skip.  If you are, read on, you might find it interesting.  Unless you’re a leftist.  Then you’ll probably put your fingers in your ears and yell “LALALALA” There was a time when basic civics was a required topic in school.  Yeah, it had a bunch of stupid things in it, like reciting the Pledge of… Read More »The Ignorance of Leftists

Afghanistan: My Country’s Shame

I’m not afraid of political hot-button topics, but I try not to make them the focus of this blog. It’s not usually useful. But in this case, since I have an international audience, I feel it’s important for me to speak out. I guess one of the great things about living in the US is that I can – for now, anyway. You might have heard about what’s been happening over the last few days. My country pulled out of Afghanistan, and putting it charitably, left a few thousand citizens… Read More »Afghanistan: My Country’s Shame

The Flag

I was wondering what I was going to post about today, and then I read that some chapter of a radical organization said that flying the flag makes you racist and stupid. Well, I can’t let that slide, can I? Bring it.

Independence Day – International Edition

So one of the strange, or at least unexpected, things about how this blog has turned out is that nearly all the readers are international. I do get some readers from the US, but they are actually something of a rarity. I appreciate that. It also feels like a responsibility, because I’m representing my country, and probably not well. I at least hope better than some others, but truth be told, many Americans make that a low bar. Some of us are fat boorish assholes. Some are nice and would… Read More »Independence Day – International Edition


Probably one of the most frequent questions that’s never been asked of me, but probably would be if people felt comfortable asking me questions, would be “what’s it like living in Texas”? Well, specifically for my foreign friends, let me answer that question. Texas is big. I mean really big. It’s one and a half times as big as Japan. A statistic that shocks even Americans is that its less distance from San Diego to El Paso than it is from El Paso to Houston. I-10 is about 800 miles… Read More »Texas

Biden has not yet won

I promised that I would not make this a political blog, and I intend on keeping that promise. With the last post like this, however, I also stated that there may be one more post, depending on how the election turns out. Well, considering that most of my audience on this blog is global, there is an incredible amount of misinformation and disinformation going on about the current US election, and because I can, I’m going to dispel a bit of disinformation that you may have heard. I am sure… Read More »Biden has not yet won

Why I voted for Donald Trump

I will pause while some of you write knee-jerk comments or unsubscribe. I’ll wait patiently. Done? Okay. I’ve said before that this is a blog, first and foremost, about Japanese topics. But there are times, especially in the past year, when the real world interjects and it’s appropriate to talk about other topics. I promise this will be the last post on political topics for quite a while. Depending on who wins (I think Trump will) there may be one more. But as I’ve said, it is important for me… Read More »Why I voted for Donald Trump