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Israel: A Country of Unresolved Trauma

There’s a lot going on in the middle east right now, and a lot of strong feelings on a lot of topics.  So first, let me tell you what I will not do in this post. I will not defend Hamas.  Their actions are beyond the pale, and they (to some level) deserve everything they get – mostly because they’d do it again if given half a chance.  They’re unrepentant, and unrepentant needs to be squashed. I will not defend the protestors.  They also deserve everything they get. I will… Read More »Israel: A Country of Unresolved Trauma

The Crisis is Over. Now What?

This last year has been terrible in many ways. Quite honestly, I never expected to live through anything like that. And I never expected to survive it. The truly terrible thing about the Cov-SARS-2 virus (hereafter known as COVID or the coronavirus) is not that it is deadly or causes severe sickness in some situations. That’s regrettable, but it’s manageable. We know how to deal with that. The problem is that, by its very nature, it strikes right at the social meat of the world. Almost overnight, people became afraid… Read More »The Crisis is Over. Now What?

The Story of how I was once Nearly Homeless

I may have mentioned this, but I did not have a good childhood. My father barely worked – partly through no fault of his own, but mostly through fault of his own. My mother had basically minimum wage jobs. We had federal assistance, and help from our church, so we never truly starved, but some days and weeks it was a close thing. We never truly had what we needed, and having something like, say, a bicycle or other toy was a luxury. Basically, I grew up in poverty. Now,… Read More »The Story of how I was once Nearly Homeless