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Going to Mars is Stupid

A while ago, I posted about the time I first left home. I moved, cold, from the city in which I grew up, to a city about 2,500 miles from it. I was kind of happy, for a while, but my troubles caught up with me. In the intervening years, I moved to four different cities, each time starting fresh. All ended up in disaster. This was, ultimately, because I brought my issues with me. Currently there is a push to go to Mars, and I think it’s a stupid… Read More »Going to Mars is Stupid

“Work Hard, Play Hard”?  Run.

I have something that many people seem to consider a personality flaw – but less so as I grow older. When I was a child, I believed it was important to have “professional” relationships.  Specifically, when I would go to an event where a specific thing was to happen, I would go expecting to do that specific thing.  Bible Studies?  I went expecting to actually open a Bible.  Basketball practice?  As bad as I was, I went expecting to throw a basketball.  I was never very tolerant of tomfoolery. I… Read More »“Work Hard, Play Hard”?  Run.

The Unbearable Arrogance of Wokeness

I am not, and will never be, “woke”. I don’t even really need to go into what the term means, as that’s not even really germane to the conversation. The word itself should be sufficient to not want to go anywhere near it. Without even knowing what it pertains to, it’s an arrogant word. It says that you are awake while everyone else is asleep. It says that you are superior to those who are not “woke”. It says that being “woke” is a desirable state and that those who… Read More »The Unbearable Arrogance of Wokeness

Why I am not an “ally”.

There is a reason I keep myself semi-anonymous on this blog. Don’t get me wrong. You could probably track me down if you wanted to put forth the effort. There are enough clues in this blog to get a general idea of where I live, etc. But I’ve intentionally made it difficult. I did this because I want at least some freedom to say what I want to without fear of some moron going to my workplace and trying to get me fired. I doubt it would work, as my… Read More »Why I am not an “ally”.