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Why Science Fiction Sucks

I have written previously about why I like science fiction.  Now let me tell you why it sucks.  And how that relates to our current political situation. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction.  I enjoy thinking about speculative technology, and like nothing more than learning about a new and heretofore unknown physical principle that makes interesting, unexpected things possible.  And science fiction certainly delivers on that!  So that’s something I’ve always really liked about sci-fi. But I’ve been reading a book called “Adventures in Time and Space”.  It’s… Read More »Why Science Fiction Sucks


There is a specific genre of Sci-Fi I’ve always liked. I’ve never really liked the fantasy type where fair knights wander around on knightly errantry.  I’ve never really liked the type where someone is trying to make a social point or extrapolate the future – though those types are really impactful in their own way. When I was younger, I used to be a fan of Star Trek, The Next Generation.  I think I was around twelve or so.  It would be on every week and I loved it.  But the… Read More »Underneath

Tsundoku, Part 2

When I was a child, there used to be this program (I don’t know if it still exists – oh look, it still does) called Scholastic Book Club. It was very much like those record clubs of the early 80s, where, if I remember correctly, you’d get some books for a much reduced price on joining the club, if you bought a few books at regular price within a set time period. I think this was one of the things that kickstarted my love of reading, though not the only… Read More »Tsundoku, Part 2