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ReMarkable 2 Review

A few months ago, I ordered a gadget called the “ReMarkable 2”. It is an E-Ink-based tablet that is supposed to feel and operate like paper. I received it a couple of weeks ago, and this is my review. It is nearly the size of a normal piece of 8.5×11 paper, and while not nearly as thin, they obviously made an effort to make it as thin as possible. Let me start out by saying that the whole purpose of this gadget is to make it feel like paper, and… Read More »ReMarkable 2 Review

Japanese Food and Stores in Austin, part 2

I have been continuing my search of Austin, and found a couple of interesting places of note that I thought I’d review. The first is Asahi Japanese Store on Burnet just north of Koenig.  It is a store that carries only Japanese groceries and gifts, and is manned (womaned?) by Japanese speakers.  It is a small, out of the way place, but it has a lot of unique Japanese treats you will not find anywhere else.  I found some berry and mikan daifuku, and while I couldn’t eat the whole… Read More »Japanese Food and Stores in Austin, part 2