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The Story of how I was once Nearly Homeless

I may have mentioned this, but I did not have a good childhood. My father barely worked – partly through no fault of his own, but mostly through fault of his own. My mother had basically minimum wage jobs. We had federal assistance, and help from our church, so we never truly starved, but some days and weeks it was a close thing. We never truly had what we needed, and having something like, say, a bicycle or other toy was a luxury. Basically, I grew up in poverty. Now,… Read More »The Story of how I was once Nearly Homeless

My Experience with Past-Life Regression

So, in the vein of what I had written earlier, I decided that I was going to try a past-life regression. I found a practitioner here in Austin (who shall remain anonymous), and come the appointed day and time, I went to the office. I was sat down and started the process to get me in a hypnotic trance. Honestly, It really didn’t work. I could visualize what she was saying, but I never actually fully relaxed, my conscious mind never disengaged. Finally, though, we started on the actual regression.… Read More »My Experience with Past-Life Regression