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The Utter Implosion of the Democratic Party

I want to write a post tonight, a semi-venty post, about American politics.  I don’t intend to write a “social justice” post, though politics and that topic are so intermixed right now, I won’t be able to entirely avoid the topic.  If you have no interest in US politics, or my thoughts on US politics, please feel free to move on if you so choose.  No hard feelings. A couple of days ago, there was a significant election in the United States.  For those of you who are international and… Read More »The Utter Implosion of the Democratic Party

Why Science Fiction Sucks

I have written previously about why I like science fiction.  Now let me tell you why it sucks.  And how that relates to our current political situation. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction.  I enjoy thinking about speculative technology, and like nothing more than learning about a new and heretofore unknown physical principle that makes interesting, unexpected things possible.  And science fiction certainly delivers on that!  So that’s something I’ve always really liked about sci-fi. But I’ve been reading a book called “Adventures in Time and Space”.  It’s… Read More »Why Science Fiction Sucks

Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

I have two posts in line for today, and this one might be the less polarizing one.  Or not.  We will see. Yesterday the president of my country decided that he was going to implement a rule that would require mandates for people who work in companies with over 100 people, among other things.  His tone was particularly…  confrontational. Now, I am personally vaccinated.  While there are some people who cannot take the vaccines on the advice of their doctor, for the most part, I think everyone who is medically able… Read More »Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Why “Celebrities” Should be Ignored

Lately, it seems to be all the fashion for celebrities to speak up about political issues. For example, just today, there’s an article about Bette Midler trying to organize a “sex strike” in Texas. It seems like so many celebrities have so much useless stuff to say. I ignore it all. Every bit of it. Even JPop celebrities (though I did read Sashihara Rino’s book, and thought it was pretty good.) Here’s the thing about celebrities: Generally, they’re pretty dumb. Oh, I’m not saying they’re not talented. They certainly have… Read More »Why “Celebrities” Should be Ignored


Please pardon me a post that’s a little more political than I usually make on this blog. As with my Christian posts, I don’t proselytize, I try to see things as objectively as I can, but sometimes things just have to be said, and at least for right now, this is as good a place as I can think to say what I want. If you’re not interested in US politics, or more specifically a center-right dissertation on US politics, please feel free to skip this post with my blessing.… Read More »Lamentations

Afghanistan: My Country’s Shame

I’m not afraid of political hot-button topics, but I try not to make them the focus of this blog. It’s not usually useful. But in this case, since I have an international audience, I feel it’s important for me to speak out. I guess one of the great things about living in the US is that I can – for now, anyway. You might have heard about what’s been happening over the last few days. My country pulled out of Afghanistan, and putting it charitably, left a few thousand citizens… Read More »Afghanistan: My Country’s Shame

Why I’m Not A Republican

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I’m no fan of Democrats. Honestly, I’m being very nice when I say that. I’m no fan of Democrats in the same way I’m no fan of dirty diapers, and much for the same reason. So I’m not really going to go into that – I have no reason to. I can do that in other posts. But I’m not a Republican, either, and that is absolutely intentional. In my opinion, the only reason one would even consider becoming a Republican is… Read More »Why I’m Not A Republican

Flash Point

I have always somewhat prided myself on thinking for myself and not going by what other people tell me I need to think or believe. Some events have happened in my country recently that I think I need to speak on. I also think it’s important to come at them from a different angle than most might. I don’t want to descend into the thick of things – it’s not going to help. For those who might be reading this at some other point in time, a few days ago,… Read More »Flash Point