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Michishige Sayumi

Morning Musume

I have been feeling a little ill today. I think maybe all of the stress and depression from the last few days have been getting to me. Or I’m just sick. I dunno. So I watched a few old episodes of Morning Musume variety shows. I’ve told the story before of how I started with my journey of learning Japanese – I saw their “English lesson”, saw all of the neat characters scrolling across the screen, and told myself I’d learn what they meant. Several years later, I largely have… Read More »Morning Musume

A Tale of two Idols

Ever since I started learning Japanese, I’ve made it a personal goal to try to understand idol culture, because I feel that in doing so maybe I can understand a little more about what makes the larger Japanese culture tick. I want to discuss two idols:  Kusumi Koharu and Minegishi Minami.  Because in looking at their individual cases, I think it becomes a little clearer what it’s all about. In 2013, Minegishi-san was caught spending the night with a man.  She faced expulsion from the group she was an idol… Read More »A Tale of two Idols