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Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

I have two posts in line for today, and this one might be the less polarizing one.  Or not.  We will see. Yesterday the president of my country decided that he was going to implement a rule that would require mandates for people who work in companies with over 100 people, among other things.  His tone was particularly…  confrontational. Now, I am personally vaccinated.  While there are some people who cannot take the vaccines on the advice of their doctor, for the most part, I think everyone who is medically able… Read More »Biden’s Vaccine Mandates


There have been many dark things about the COVID-19 epidemic, but I have always been jealous of the fact that Japanese people wear medical masks out in public as a matter of course, and up until last year, that has never been socially acceptable in America. Now, it’s less socially acceptable not to. I have many reasons for liking masks – it reduces communicable diseases (not just SARS-Cov-2) but also I just like hiding my face. No one needs to see it unnecessarily, it’s just common human decency. But I’ve… Read More »Masks