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Why Fox News Commenters are Idiots: Part 2

There is a certain kind of person who is impossible to talk to or reason with.  These people tend to be very religious, though the type of religion they can be an adherent to can be secular.  They see the world in utter black and white, and to them, there are no shades of grey whatsoever. You can see these people on both sides of the abortion “debate”, for example.  On the one extreme, you have people who believe that fetuses are children who haven’t been born yet, and as… Read More »Why Fox News Commenters are Idiots: Part 2

The Utter Implosion of the Democratic Party

I want to write a post tonight, a semi-venty post, about American politics.  I don’t intend to write a “social justice” post, though politics and that topic are so intermixed right now, I won’t be able to entirely avoid the topic.  If you have no interest in US politics, or my thoughts on US politics, please feel free to move on if you so choose.  No hard feelings. A couple of days ago, there was a significant election in the United States.  For those of you who are international and… Read More »The Utter Implosion of the Democratic Party