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What I Musically Love about Japanese Music

I may be able to extract a post for Texihabara on this subject from this, but I kind of want to be a little freer here. There is something about Japanese music that fascinates me.  Well, several things, really. Babymetal has a song, “Da da dance”.  It’s an extraordinarily high energy song with lots of flaily dancing and mostly meaningless words.  Basically somewhere in the techno genre – I’m sure nerds out there will have a better name for it.  EDM?  But there’s this part in there that really fascinates me… Read More »What I Musically Love about Japanese Music

My Tumultuous Relationship with Music

Good morning! It’s Labor Day in my country today, which for most people means a day off, barbecues, that kind of thing. I am taking the week off. I have been working at my company for over five years, which means I get three weeks now, and I plan on using all of them. Plus since it’s a holiday, I only have to take four days. Yay me!! Okay, so on to the post. I have made my thoughts on music like JPop, KPop, etc., pretty clear. I like some… Read More »My Tumultuous Relationship with Music

Morning Musume, and the “Sealing” of Babymetal

So, today, I have been working on adding further reviews to Texihabara. There’s a bit of a technical issue I have to iron out where not all of the reviews are accessible, but I suppose that’s something that I can iron out with a bit of support and elbow grease. Anyway, the two songs I did so far were Koi no Dance Site, and Happy Summer Wedding. Now I’m not going to lie and tell you that I think they were great and wonderful songs, because I don’t. But I… Read More »Morning Musume, and the “Sealing” of Babymetal

Biting Off a Lot…

So I have begun adding content to my new site, It’s a very slow process because I’m going through the discography of several very prolific bands, which means I’ve got several hundred posts in front of me, and then we can add other bands, such as Ladybaby, Band Maid, Maximum the Hormone, and who knows what else. I’ve got thousands of posts ahead of me, and even if I knock out a few a week, that’s going to take me while. And that’s just music. Add in anime, manga,… Read More »Biting Off a Lot…