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Finally, Some Good Personal News

Hey y’all, I’m gonna share some good news. About three months ago, I posted that I got some bad medical news. I didn’t say what it was because it’s not really something I felt worth sharing. But it really did a number on my mood, as bad medical news tends to. I have other issues to deal with that I am still not telling you about. But I can tell you about this one now, because I now have good news in regards to it. I was diagnosed with diabetes… Read More »Finally, Some Good Personal News

Boundaries are Critical

There are many lessons that I could impart that I’ve learned in life over the last mumble-mumble years. Most of these lessons are not obvious, and they’re all very hard learned. But I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned relates to boundaries. How important they are, and how few people actually understand how important they are. What is a boundary? Well, we could go by the definition in any dictionary, but it’s not really helpful for my purposes. I think I’d define a boundary as “A line,… Read More »Boundaries are Critical