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Never Family

No company, organization, or group is ever family. Remember this, and never forget it. I have been in the computer field for over twenty years at this point. I have worked in the public sector, in retail, at tech companies, and at telecom companies over my career. Some companies were better than others (I have few to no bad things to say at the moment about the company I work for), but they all, to a one, worked under the delusion that they were somehow family and would take care… Read More »Never Family

In Memory of my Father

My memories of my father are incredibly conflicted – and as the time since his death recedes they only become more conflicted. Truth be told, he was also a conflicted person, though I don’t think he understands exactly how conflicted he was. He kept his own counsel. I often wonder how much of that was because of the family he was raised in, the time he was raised in, his particular mental struggles, a combination of all three or another factor I haven’t mentioned yet. But he kept a lot… Read More »In Memory of my Father