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The Crisis is Over. Now What?

This last year has been terrible in many ways. Quite honestly, I never expected to live through anything like that. And I never expected to survive it. The truly terrible thing about the Cov-SARS-2 virus (hereafter known as COVID or the coronavirus) is not that it is deadly or causes severe sickness in some situations. That’s regrettable, but it’s manageable. We know how to deal with that. The problem is that, by its very nature, it strikes right at the social meat of the world. Almost overnight, people became afraid… Read More »The Crisis is Over. Now What?

You Can’t Follow the Science

It has become a mantra among many people in this society that they are going to “follow the science”. Anyone who says this is either ignorant or stupid. And I’m going to explain why. Science is a very misunderstood practice amongst many people in this world. They rely on it almost as a savior, and assume that it will eventually solve all of the world’s problem if we just listen to what it tells us. This is stupid for many different reasons. There are two different types of science, I… Read More »You Can’t Follow the Science


Today I got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I had to drive about an hour to get it, as the distribution in my country is still a bit scattershot. They’re getting it to everyone, but the distribution network seems hit or miss – some places get some doses, some don’t, etc., etc. Not really germane, but might be interesting to some of you. I have personally been looking forward to this for a while. While I am not at the absolute highest “you get it, you die”, risk… Read More »Vaccines


There have been many dark things about the COVID-19 epidemic, but I have always been jealous of the fact that Japanese people wear medical masks out in public as a matter of course, and up until last year, that has never been socially acceptable in America. Now, it’s less socially acceptable not to. I have many reasons for liking masks – it reduces communicable diseases (not just SARS-Cov-2) but also I just like hiding my face. No one needs to see it unnecessarily, it’s just common human decency. But I’ve… Read More »Masks

Motteke! Sailor Fuku

I don’t think I can describe how bad 2020 has been in so many ways, both personally and on a macro level.  But I don’t have to, because most of you have experienced it.  First a virus from China showed up and pretty much shut the world down for a few months, and now idiots in my country are rioting and looting in many major cities.  What next?  Will an asteroid land on New York?  (And yes, those who are looting and rioting are morons.  Now peaceful protests, etc., are… Read More »Motteke! Sailor Fuku


This blog is nearly always about topics Japanese, but not always.  Today, as with most people in the world, other things are on my mind.  And I think I’m going to post about that, today.  We can talk about Japanese some other time. The world – MY world – has begun to see severe disruption because of the spread of the Chinese Virus, also known as the Coronavirus, SARS-2-COV, or COVID.  In my neck of the world, schools have shut down, for some reason people are buying so much toilet… Read More »Covidity