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Administrivia: I am a Friggin’ Moron

So I have had this blog up for pert near four years by now. It’s at least as old as 2018. And in this entire time, the contact form has been misconfigured. Oh, I configured it. I did that. But I forgot to hit the “update” button. So… yeah. It never worked. When I move over to a new site (probably next week) I’m going to add a much better discussion option and then probably remove that form, but until then, I think it works now. Please feel free to… Read More »Administrivia: I am a Friggin’ Moron

Beautiful Dreams and Horrible Nightmares

You’re an interesting species, an interesting mix. You’re capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you’re not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we found that makes the emptiness bearable, each other. “Contact”, Carl Sagan I’m not a huge movie fan, but if I’m to be honest, I don’t think there are any quotes in any movies that I like more than that one. There was a time, a long time ago, that kind of had… Read More »Beautiful Dreams and Horrible Nightmares