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The Key

This post will have some semi-religious content. Don’t worry. I always go somewhere with it, and I don’t proselytize, ever. I was just raised in a semi-Christian tradition, I have some theological training, so I just need to go there sometimes. I mentioned that I really like the song “Give a Reason” by Megumi Hayashibara. But there are some lyrics that will nicely springboard into the topic I wish to talk about きっとどこかに「答」ある 生まれてきた答が 人は皆それを求め やるせない のがせない 夢に向かうの “Give a Reason”, Megumi Hayashibara Of course, this is in Japanese. Roughly… Read More »The Key

When Celebrities Die

I’m not just a fan of Japanese media. Of late, I’ve also become a fan of British panel shows, such as “Would I Lie to You”, “Taskmaster”, “8 out of Ten Cats”, “QI”, and pretty much everything else where Jimmy Carr’s distinctive laugh has been present in one for or another. I’m not really a huge fan of too much else British, but they seem to have the panel show format down. In fact, that’s where “Whose Line is it Anyway” originally came from, which may be one of the… Read More »When Celebrities Die


Spiritual content ahead.  I won’t make it a habit, but I want to take this blog where my linguistic and cultural explorations take me, and I found this fascinating. A few days ago, while I was reading up on Shinto, I learned something very interesting. See, Japanese nouns have no concept of singular or plural.  It’s something that’s simply not encoded into the language.  I mean, you can use the “tachi” suffix to specify plurality, but in general, when a noun is specified, you don’t know whether it’s singular or… Read More »Kami