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I Don’t Care what you Think your Identity is

My train of thought gets kind of complicated – when it’s not derailing. Following on from my last post about boundaries, this leads to another set of thoughts about consent. There is a train of thought that has gained popularity lately that if two or more people consent to something, it’s none of anyone’s business. Generally, I actually agree with this. But it has its own set of difficulties. So let’s take that idea and stretch it a little bit. Starting with the basics of consent, you have two people… Read More »I Don’t Care what you Think your Identity is

Boundaries are Critical

There are many lessons that I could impart that I’ve learned in life over the last mumble-mumble years. Most of these lessons are not obvious, and they’re all very hard learned. But I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned relates to boundaries. How important they are, and how few people actually understand how important they are. What is a boundary? Well, we could go by the definition in any dictionary, but it’s not really helpful for my purposes. I think I’d define a boundary as “A line,… Read More »Boundaries are Critical