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Austin Community College

To class or not to class, that is the question

I have decidedly, and solidly, mixed feelings about Japanese class. On the one hand, I have found it of some value.  I was finally able to get my hiragana and katakana very solid, which is something I was missing, I learned things like telling time, and I took away things that were definitely of value to me in my ongoing studies.  In that sense, I don’t really regret it. In another sense, though, I regret it very much.  I’m trying to take these classes while holding down a full time… Read More »To class or not to class, that is the question

Proceeding Apace

Japanese class is proceeding apace.  It is going at a rather breakneck speed.  To be quite honest, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I’d studied ahead for a year, I’d be sunk.  Many students seem to be.  It’s been, what, four weeks now?  And we’ve already covered all of hiragana and are finishing up katakana now. I don’t think all students are going to make it out of the class unscathed, to be honest. I have noticed something odd, though.  I am able now to carry on simple… Read More »Proceeding Apace

Japanese Class: 1st day.

Today was the first day of Japanese class at Austin Community College.  For many reasons, I will avoid any mention of the other people in the class, other than to say there were other people in the class of varying ages, backgrounds and knowledge of Japanese.  As expected. As for me, it is clear that there are gaping holes in my knowledge.  In my “introduction” (which I absolutely, positively, did not want to do) I said that I “know enough to be dangerous” – and I feel that more strongly… Read More »Japanese Class: 1st day.

Losing the Mystery

I have become very discouraged with Japanese lately. It’s not because it’s hard, honestly.  It is hard, but it’s manageable.  There’s a lot to learn and a lot to memorize, but it’s not beyond my abilities. It’s really not because it’s time consuming either.  It kind of is, but I can carve out the time. I think it’s more because I don’t really see an end game to the whole thing.  I started learning it because it interested me, and it still kinda does, but it is starting to feel… Read More »Losing the Mystery