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I wish I had something fun to post about. I’m sure I could find something fun if I really tried. Or at least something sorta fun. Maybe I should write a beginner’s guide to solving sudoku at some point, because I seem to be pretty good at it. There’s lots of JPop music out there I could listen to, I have several projects I need to work on. And I really don’t feel like doing any of it. Depression isn’t laziness. When you’re lazy you just don’t want to do… Read More »Despondency

Our Sociopath with Dementia for a President

I feel like I need to post something tonight. Not because I have an expectation on myself that I should post every night, but just that I feel like I have a post in me that wants to come out. I tried writing one earlier, but that one is, again, probably best left between me and my therapist. Last night I was at a Walgreens. I won’t say where, except to say what you already know – somewhere in Central Texas. It was pretty busy for some reason. The drive… Read More »Our Sociopath with Dementia for a President

The American President

I used to watch movies. I don’t anymore. I can think of very, very few movies that are even worth watching. Even the trailers are unwatchable. Just explosions, stupid catchphrases, and kisses. But I certainly had my favorite movies back when I did watch them. I liked “Spanglish”. “Mr. Holland’s Opus”. And “The American President”. The movie that this post is about, is about a man who is president of the US, who became such after his wife died. He fell in love with a lobbyist, and many conflict-of-interest hijinks… Read More »The American President

Afghanistan: My Country’s Shame

I’m not afraid of political hot-button topics, but I try not to make them the focus of this blog. It’s not usually useful. But in this case, since I have an international audience, I feel it’s important for me to speak out. I guess one of the great things about living in the US is that I can – for now, anyway. You might have heard about what’s been happening over the last few days. My country pulled out of Afghanistan, and putting it charitably, left a few thousand citizens… Read More »Afghanistan: My Country’s Shame