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Forced Inclusion is Abuse

I was writing a post for this blog. It will never see the light of day. I figured out something while writing it that’s a bit too personal to share publically. It’s kinda too bad because it’s interesting, but a guy has to have his boundaries. So, let’s go for something at least a little bit different, shall we? So let me start with this: This isn’t directly a social justice post. It’s actually probably more of a follow on to my earlier series of posts about transactional love. So… Read More »Forced Inclusion is Abuse

Boundaries are Critical

There are many lessons that I could impart that I’ve learned in life over the last mumble-mumble years. Most of these lessons are not obvious, and they’re all very hard learned. But I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned relates to boundaries. How important they are, and how few people actually understand how important they are. What is a boundary? Well, we could go by the definition in any dictionary, but it’s not really helpful for my purposes. I think I’d define a boundary as “A line,… Read More »Boundaries are Critical

Requiem for a Narcissist

Last night, I got the news that my father died two days ago. From what I understand, he had a stroke a few weeks ago, and didn’t make it. He was 77. Typically, in these kinds of posts, people would post good memories they had with their father, and end on some sappy note, and everyone would walk away full of tears. I wish I could write a post like that, but I can’t. The last time I saw him was twenty years ago. My last words to him were… Read More »Requiem for a Narcissist