I am a man (though who knows what that means anymore).  I am in my mid 40s.  I live in America.  I haven’t dated in ten years.  And I will never date an American woman again.

And this whole recent kerfluffle about Roe vs. Wade just solidifies why.

So, before I start, let me say a few things about what I’m not saying.  I’m not saying I’m an “incel”.  I don’t like that word and I don’t take it.  Particularly with the word “involuntary”, it has a connotation of someone who wants sex, but no one will give it to him.  That…  is not the case.  I’ve proven in my life that I can get sex if I want it.  I just don’t want it anymore if American women are what I have to suffer through to get it.

I’m also not saying I’m a member of any movement, such as MGTOW (“men going their own way”).  I don’t accept that mantle.  My reasons are mine, and have nothing to do with any broader movement or ideology.  If some of them match, okay, but to be frank, most American men are losers too, and I’m not all that interested in being associated with that.

I’m also not saying that men are paragons of virtue, nor that I am.  But this isn’t about why I won’t date American men, or myself.  Context is important for this post.

And finally, I’m not saying I hate American women.  I just don’t want to be involved with one.

So, with that, let me say this:  I will not date American women because they are, by and large, insufferably selfish.

This is paraded in front of the world for all to see with the response to the recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade.  I mean, even the motto.  Is there anything more selfish than “my body, my choice”?  It takes more than a woman to create a baby, but the opinions of the father are shunted to the side, because it’s not “his body”.  Nevermind that it’s his baby, the babies have no rights.  My body, my choice.  And then, when someone takes a step to protect someone else’s body, they yell and scream and rage and act like immature spoiled babies, because they don’t get to be selfish anymore.

And it’s not just about abortion, that’s just the most recent manifestation.  When they’re dating, they don’t care about the man.  The man is just a means to an end.  The man has his role to fill – providing money, gifts, sex, etc., and is to be discarded the moment they don’t become useful anymore.  American women just don’t give a toss about anything that doesn’t advance their own selfish goals, whatever they might be.

And I just don’t want that in my life.  I’ve had a few partners, and looking back on it, we were both selfish.  I don’t exclude myself, or give myself a pass for that.  But now I know it.  I don’t know any American women who are self aware enough to know when they’re being selfish – or care.  At least none that aren’t married.

I don’t want to play the game anymore.  The “let’s go on a date where I try my hardest to impress you, and if I succeed within three dates than you’ll open your legs, and then break up with me when I invariably disappoint you for some stupid reason” game.  The “You don’t matter to me unless you have something that I want, and I’ll use my body to get it” game.  The “When things get tough, I’ll toss you to the side because I never cared about you except for what you could do for me” game.  I’m sick and tired of it, and no woman’s body is worth that.

I’m serious.  I like the female body.  I like what you can do with a female body.  Not even the most attractive and beautiful female body is worth the games you have to play to win and keep her.

So, I’m single.  I’m going to stay single.  At this point in my life, a woman could try to seduce me and I’d just laugh in her face.  Because the selfishness is just so unattractive, it spoils everything else.  I don’t want a selfish woman in my life.  And that’s pretty much it.

I imagine one of those selfish women might respond saying something like “well, that’s why no woman likes you”.  Well, my dears, that’s the whole friggin’ point.

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