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The Utter Implosion of the Democratic Party

I want to write a post tonight, a semi-venty post, about American politics.  I don’t intend to write a “social justice” post, though politics and that topic are so intermixed right now, I won’t be able to entirely avoid the topic.  If you have no interest in US politics, or my thoughts on US politics, please feel free to move on if you so choose.  No hard feelings.

A couple of days ago, there was a significant election in the United States.  For those of you who are international and may not know, the United States are exactly that – each state is a sovereign entity, of which the United States is kind of an umbrella government whose responsibility is to provide for the common defense and regulate commerce.  But the states are sovereign, and have their own governmental structure, which generally mirrors pretty closely the structure of the Federal Government.

Our leftist party, the Democratic Party, has been trying to shove through some legislation, etc., that many in the country see as overreaching and damaging, if only because of how expensive it is.  There have also been reports across the country of schools teaching children damaging things about race, a push to reduce the police force in cities across the nation, the basic abdication of controls on the border, basically, the Democrats have been doing very unpopular things and acting like they have a mandate.  They have tried to “cancel”, or silence, people who dissent, and label them as racists or worse.

Three days ago, the country pretty solidly repudiated them.

We didn’t have any national elections (that I’m aware of), so the repudiation occurred on a local level.  In the state of Virginia, the Democratic governor candidate (equivalent to a President) was pretty solidly trounced.  In New Jersey, the governor election was won by a Democrat, but it was far closer than they thought it would be.  The deeply entrenched Senate President in New Jersey was shoved out of office by a truck driver who spent a grand total of $5,000 or so on his campaign.  Of the $153 he spent on his primary, $60 of that was on donuts.  This happened all across the country – the Democrats took a Shellacking.  And a well deserved one.

There were quite a few causes for this, but honestly, I give COVID the credit.  See, Americans have this really strange way of looking at the world.  They”ll put up with almost anything – but you start messing with the children, and the claws came out.  With the (even if temporary) switch to onine or remote schooling, the parents became aware of exactly what the teachers were, umm…  teaching.  And they found that they didn’t like it.  Then, there were reports from Loudoun County, Virginia, of covering up a, well, rape.  No other way to put it.  And, well, parents started waking up to the fact that their children were being messed with.  And that, probably more than anything else, is what’s going to destroy the Democrats.

See, the Democrats have some pretty significant weakness, but one of their greatest weaknesses is that they’re completely unable to course correct – they believe they’re right and they can’t be proven wrong.  If the majority of people disagree with them, then the majority of people are wrong and must be told what they need to believe.  But in a representative republic, that really doesn’t work.  People get to vote.

I believe COViD has destroyed leftism in this country.

And good riddance to bad rubbish.

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