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Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

I have two posts in line for today, and this one might be the less polarizing one.  Or not.  We will see.

Yesterday the president of my country decided that he was going to implement a rule that would require mandates for people who work in companies with over 100 people, among other things.  His tone was particularly…  confrontational.

Now, I am personally vaccinated.  While there are some people who cannot take the vaccines on the advice of their doctor, for the most part, I think everyone who is medically able should take the vaccines.  Let me be very clear on that:  I really don’t consider the “anti-vaccine” mentality to be defensible, personally.  It’s, in my opinion, ridiculous.

But, what Biden did yesterday was stupid, as is most of the stuff Biden does.

See, in my country, the people who don’t want to take the vaccines really don’t want to take the vaccines.  Whether I agree with their rationale or not, what I personally think of that decision, really isn’t all that material.  They’re not going to take it.  What Biden has done is drawn a very clear line in the sand, saying quite flagrantly that he is going to force people to get the vaccine, through any means necessary, who don’t want to get the vaccine and are ready to go to the mattresses to fight for their right not to get it.

When Biden (or his puppetmasters, more likely) felt that he had to put out that mandate, he’d already lost – the persuasion battle was lost a long time ago, and mandates are the result of failed persuasion.

So what will happen now?  They still won’t take the vaccine, companies will lose good people, there will be lots of lawsuits, injunctions, and all sorts of legal tomfoolery, and for what?  Certainly not moving the needle in any appreciable way.  This isn’t a matter, for most people, of saying “well, I wasn’t going to get it, so now I have to, so I will”.  This isn’t Japan, or other countries where the government has a massive influence over everyone’s daily lives.  This is the USA, and all this has done is make people more entrenched.  If you wanted to bring us closer to a civil war, Dementia-Patient-in-Chief Biden, well, congratulations.  I don’t want it, but you achieved your goal.

I hate politics.  And here’s the worst thing about it.  People voted Trump out because they were tired of the “chaos”.  What do you call this, then?  Peace?

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