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Finally, Some Good Personal News

Hey y’all, I’m gonna share some good news.

About three months ago, I posted that I got some bad medical news. I didn’t say what it was because it’s not really something I felt worth sharing. But it really did a number on my mood, as bad medical news tends to. I have other issues to deal with that I am still not telling you about. But I can tell you about this one now, because I now have good news in regards to it.

I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, or Type 2 diabetes.

It was not highly progressed. My blood sugar was about 169 or so, and my a1c was at 7.2. I had been eating a high sugar, high carb, high everything diet with very little exercise, and, well, my body told me in no uncertain terms that this was not a great idea, and I should stop doing it. That was essentially a shot across the bow, and if I didn’t do something about it, things were going to get much worse.

So I took some rather drastic steps. I walked a mile a day every since that time, which was around June 1. I have not missed a day, though some days I walked a little less than that (yesterday was one, because I had to take that blood test, I didn’t walk beforehand, I had to fast – that’s why I went to the mall later. BTW, that trip was about $600 a mile, I’m glad I didn’t walk the full mile, lol). I also greatly cut down on my sugar intake and watched my carbs pretty carefully. I didn’t stop eating carbs entirely – I eat sandwiches with whole wheat bread, my breakfast is usually cottage cheese and unsweetened applesauce, and I live for those low carb atkins brownie bars. If I want a snack, I’ll eat one of those or a banana. I haven’t had actual fast food in months, though sometimes I do cheat and have korean bbq, and I eat the rice.

I just got my a1c result back. It was 5.6. I’m on the borderline, but I am no longer diabetic.


Now, this doesn’t mean I can go back to how I was – I still have insulin resistance, so I’ll probably be on a similar diet for the rest of my life. But it does mean that I’ve got it well under control, and that’s a pretty great thing, dontcha think?

I haven’t lost a lot of weight yet. That comes next. I still need to make more dietary changes. But one thing at a time, and this was really good news. And since I have so little good news lately, I thought I’d share it with y’all.

Disclaimer: I’ll be frank. I’m not a doctor. If you want tips, I can tell you what worked for me. Your mileage may vary, and I’m not telling you to do what I did (except walk more, and maybe cut down on the junk food. That’s always good advice). I’m just telling you what worked for me, and sharing some good news.

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