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My Continuing Jpop Journey

So tonight, being a depressed mess, I decided to add a couple of more reviews to my site. This time I reviewed two of Morning Musume’s early songs, “summer night town” and “daite hold on me”.

I’ll be honest, they didn’t do much to help my depression.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The videos are colorful and cheerful, the girls were pretty competent at singing (though they had some pretty cringy moments, tbh), and I’m sure it would have made a decent, bubble-gummy escape.

But the lyrics…

“Summer night town” seems to be about conflicting feelings about being in love with an older man, and “daite hold on me” seems to be about wanting to hold on to a crumbling relationship.

Oh my GOD that’s sad.

It’s really amazing how much brokenness is in modern music. I don’t mean just JPop – I mean pretty much all music. About 90 percent of it is about love, and probably 90 percent of that is about broken hearts, unrequited love, unhealthy love, or just any kind of depressing love you can imagine. And sometimes set to the most beautiful music. Are we that broken as a people, that the only kind of love we can imagine is the kind that hurts?

Well, I guess so.

I hate divorce, you know. I know sometimes it’s necessary, and I try not to judge when a couple decides to call it quits, but it’s never a good thing. When a couple divorces, it’s an absolute sign that a mistake was made somewhere. Maybe before the marriage, maybe after, but at some point, one of the two people screwed up, and it’s sad. Particularly where children are involved. And even moreso when the children are used as pawns in a custody battle. It causes lifetime scars, and often there’s one, or even two, selfish parents at the root of the problem. And the selfish parent is always the other one.

But it’s all broken. I hate that. I hate how broken it is. I hate broken hearts and unrequited love and people using people and playing with their hearts and divorce and all of that awful stuff. I hate it so much.

I just hate it.

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